The Rick Scott/Jebby Bush Monster to Strike Again!!!!


The extremists running the Florida Legislature have teamed up with their corporate donors to try to undermine public schools again. They’re trying to take money from traditional public schools to build new charter schools. We need the legislature to take care of our students in existing public schools before handing over our tax dollars to for-profit charter school operators.

Call your Senator today < Tell them about your students who are still in portables. Tell them about your classrooms with no air conditioning, with mold growing on the walls and with leaking roofs. Tell them to oppose SB 1852.

This bill is nothing more than a money grab by for-profit charter school operators and their team of lobbyists swarming at the Capitol. The charter school operators have hired a team of lobbyists with close ties to Jeb Bush and Rick Scott to undermine our local public schools once again.

Under SB 1852, our tax dollars will be given to for-profit charter school operators to build schools that won’t even be owned by the public. This is not about what’s best for students. It is about charter school operators wanting us to pay for their buildings. Tallahassee politicians want to take millions of dollars from local school districts to put it into the pockets of for-profit charter school operators. That’s just not fair.

 Tell your Senator, our existing public schools buildings are in need of repair. Public money should only be used to buy and repair buildings owned by the public. Tell them to oppose SB 1852.

 This bill poses a threat to the safety of students at public schools and to the ability of teachers to provide the effective learning environment every student deserves. Meanwhile, none of these for-profit charter schools are required to maintain even the most basic hiring and educational standards. And charter schools can discriminate against any student who applies for acceptance or any teacher who applies for a job.

 Call your Senator today Tell them we don’t want larger class sizes. We don’t want teachers to be fired. We don’t want more PE, band and art classes to be cut. And we don’t want SB 1852.


Recent email

Subject: As Promised : Youtube and SchoolTube links for Proposed Changes to School Grades that may hurt SWD
Importance: High

First of all thank you for the support.  Some of you have had difficulty opening the links.  Here are Youtube links that work outside OCPS as well as the promised SchoolTube links. Our parents are producing two more videos. These will be released on Friday. I will forward the links when they have completed them.

Prior message:

This is time sensitive.  On February 28, 2012, the State Board of Education is voting on proposed changes to the ways schools are graded. Some of these changes may have a negative impact on school grades.  The two links below are to view Youtube videos where parents are expressing their concerns about the proposed changes.  We need our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and our community at large to see these short videos and hopefully contact the State Board of Education, Senators and Legislators. Contact information is at the end of each video.

YouTube Links

Possible Harm to Students with Disabilities and School Changes to School Grades

Proposals May Harm Students with Disabilities on School Grades in Florida

SchoolTube Links

Schools can see these videos on SchoolTube.

Possible Harm to Students with Disabilities and School Changes to School Grades

Proposals May Harm Students with Disabilities on School Grades in Florida

Students with Disabilities need our support!  Please circulate this information.

Thank you

Wise, he never was.

Brought to you by the FEA–


District Office: 904-381-6000

Tallahassee Office: 850-487-5027

Email Address:

More than half of Florida’s teachers do not have students who take the FCAT. This includes kindergarten, art, music, physical education, social studies, science, computer technology and ESE teachers.

According to SB 736, if you are a non-FCAT teacher, you would receive a performance evaluation based on test scores of students you never taught. You would be assessed in areas that have nothing to do with what you teach. Most districts do not have end of course exams or appropriate measures to determine student learning growth in these areas.

Senate Bill 1380 and House Bill 1067 would ensure that non-FCAT teachers are fairly evaluated and remove one of the punitive one-size fits all impacts of SB-736.

[What does it mean? Well, you know that bonus, that was based upon performance? Don’t bet on the family farm!]

What exactly are his ed credentials?

Residence: Jacksonville

Marital Status: Married (Kathryn)

Prev. Occupation: Educator, Consultant

Prev. Political Exp.: FL House, 1988-2000

Education: BS Florida Southern College, 1963; MEd Middle Tennessee State University, 1968; EdD University of Alabama, 1970

Birthdate: 12/11/1941

Birthplace: Canton, OH

Religion: Baptist

Holy cow! This guy is Dr. Stephen Wise, exactly when was the last time he was in a classroom maybe. Oh yeah, just about the time Open Classroom was being adopted—-yikes!

Listen to the invigorating defense of renaming a “Christmas” break bill?–How many people are out of work in this state?

This is not your father’s school

Good afternoon,

Today each of you need to leave immediately following your dismissal duty.

There was an incident that occurred on campus today related to two students and we would like to minimize the number of people on campus this evening. There is no threat to the safety of our staff or students.   Remember, as  employees you are not to speak to any member of the media without prior approval.*  If you are approached by a member of the media you should say, “I have no comment.  Please contact Media Relations at the Leadership Center. Thank you.”

We will follow up with more information at a later date.

Thank you,

Assistant Principal

*What happened to freedom of expression, is that left for corporations only?

[A kid was taken away in handcuffs, who or what happened we do not know. This following a meeting I missed saying parents would no longer be welcome on campus without passes. Stay tuned.]

What the News people never tell you.

Safety, Security & Environmental Services Department has received 5 reports of individuals entering work locations, going to unoccupied and unsecured campus areas and taking employee property (money, credit cards, and other valuables.)

As a reminder, employees should never leave an unoccupied area unlocked—especially classrooms. In a least one case several employees noticed a stranger in the learning environment but did not provide direction or assistance to the individual. As we move into the holiday season, we fully expect even more attempts from individuals who look to commit crimes in our work locations. Basic security points follow:

Employees should wear and display their ID badge and assist or direct visitors to the campus office reception point.  Also, employees should lock up personal items if they bring them into the work location.  Unoccupied areas in your work location should always be locked.The Security Department has good suspect information as it works with local law enforcement agencies. Even so, everyone can assist in the effort to protect employee personal property and district owned resources.

Please report any suspicious activity to law enforcement and to XXX Security Control Center.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Security Services.

[TRANSLATION:You better run them off campus yourself, because it is your own fault if you get robbed. At my school, 5 teachers were robbed within a week. We figured the “strangers” were students. When we asked about the fancy security cameras we have, we got no answer. We realized they were probably never turned on.]