More horses’ asses than horses

File:Mill Children in Macon 2.jpgHow we can we restore confidence in our public schools. Jack says, bring back them good ole days!

By CNN’s Jack Craffarty:

Americans’ confidence in public schools is at a 40-year low.

A new Gallup Poll shows only 29% of those surveyed say they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in public schools.

That’s down 5-points from last year.

And it’s down from 58% who had confidence in the country’s public schools when gallup first asked the question in 1973.

It should come as no surprise that Americans have lost faith in our schools when you take a look at the dismal state of education.

One international assessment of 34 countries shows the U.S. ranking 25th in math, 17th in science and 14th in reading.

Many of our students graduate high school without the skills they need to survive in a global marketplace: things like reading, writing and math.

Meanwhile there seems to be little – if any – accountability when it comes to our schools and our teachers.

Just last month we told you about how Florida lowered the passing grade on the writing portion of a standardized test – after students’ scores plunged. State lawmakers voted to shield the job-performance reviews for hundreds of thousands of individual teachers from the general public. Instead – the new law allows parents to see scores only for their child’s current teacher.

Here’s my question to you: How can we restore confidence in our public schools?

Let teachers get their just desserts!

And the latest example comes courtesy of New York:

Supporters say it’s the right balance between the educational needs of the students and the parents’ and teachers’ rights.

What about the public who pays these teachers’ salaries? Aren’t we entitled to know who’s cutting it and who isn’t? Yes, we are.

Here’s my question to you: How can we restore confidence in our public schools?

Let’s try administrative more decisions like these:


Mixed Messages-Rigor Or 50% E-mail?
MEMORANDUMDate: September 10, 2013To:​ All Principals

From: ​​Victoria Lupus, Senior Director
Academic Services

Subject: Proportional Grades

New procedures in regards to proportional grading is now updated in Progress Book. Students will not be given marking period grades of less than 50%.

Upon entry of a marking period grade less than 50%, a pop up message states, “Highlighted grades are subject to rounding. Any grades below the administrator defined threshold will be rounded up to the threshold. Select OK to round the grades and save.” The new grade displayed is a 50.00.

Please be sure this information is communicated to all teachers prior to the ProgressBook window opening for report cards on October 24th.

If you have any questions contact Kristy Kizme, Student Services or submit a service request.


So, Jack, when are horse’s asses like politicians who dream up these educational schemes, and others, as you, going to be held accountable? For the past thirty years we have followed drivel from right wing windbags as yourself, and SAT scores have never been lower!

Another 42G “part time” job I want! –Don’t you?

schoolRemember when I wrote that I want a p/t job for 30G, this one is even better at 42G!!!

News You Should Use

School Board Members received an automatic 4% raise on their part time job. According to this news story it is the highest in the state. Watch the story by clicking on this link. County school board members received a salary increase from $40K to $42K. Did any of them donate this raise? Do you think that you deserve a 4% increase for your full time job? Administrators received 4% on July 1st and will get 1-2% more when VAM arrives.