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Sent to me by the union:


November 18

You are valued and important to society and your students and we owe you for choosing this profession. While you may not feel valued every day, it is important to say “thank you” to each other this week.
-Thank you for picking up my students while I…
-Thank you for tutoring after school..
-Thank you for typing that summary…The list goes on.  Thank you for all you do from CTA.  We believe in you and continue to stand up for your rights.  We know this evaluation system has demoralized our profession. Stand strong with your chin up. Don’t allow another adult to treat you inappropriately.Remind anyone who treats you in an unprofessional manner that you would not be allowed to treat students in that manner and you do not want to be treated in that manner. We have a Code of Civility that applies to ALL employees.  This includes raising  a voice, threats, pointing fingers in your face or saying something regarding your evaluation or teaching in front of other colleagues.  Report it.  Send an e-mail about what happened in the hallway or meeting to this person, stating you expect to be treated as a Professional and that their behavior was not appropriate.  Article 7, p. 32 section M.Keep this in a file.You are a Professional and deserve to be treated as a Professional every day!”You don’t improve education by demoralizing those who do the work.”
Diane Ravitch. “
Celebrate American Education Week

Fun! Fun! Black Wednesday!

What Is Work To The Rule Black Wednesday?

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We have heard you, and you are sick and tired, and we mean literally, sick and tired. Almost 40% of the visits to our Employee Assistance Program are for Anti-depressants.  While all visits are confidential, union does get reports on the numbers for the use of this benefit. Your first few visits are FREE.     PLEASE access this benefit if you are feeling anxious or having difficulty with other issues. Check out the 5 locations and services offered at, after your trainings or meetings, teachers at MANY schools have chosen to leave ON TIME at the end of their 7.5 hour day. They are wearing black and calling it “Workload Wednesday”.  They will go to the mall, visit their doctor, grocery shop for their family, watch their children’s soccer practice or just go home and take a nap!Enjoy!!!!