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DSC_0386FCAT Incentive Plan
Dormeyster, Carole
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2015 1:11 PM
Calling all Akap Staff!!!!As testing season beginning we are looking for help providing incentives for our students. Each day we would like to have new small and large incentives for the students who meet intended attendance, behavior etc…i.e. gift cards small trinkets, books games, bikes and moreThat’s where you come in…..We can do this as individuals or teams for potentially larger items.If you know of any community groups/store/individuals that could help in this way that would be great as well.

With the Writing Test on March 3rd, we are looking for your help with some of this by Monday.

If you are willing to participate, please bring any and all incentive for our students small and large to Mr. Jones by Monday. This will get us started for Writing. After that we will be looking for additional things for the remainder of the tests.

Questions????? Let me know



Teacher Salary: $41,215 (average) – 9.4% below national average.

Assistant Principal Salary: $76,049 (average) – below national average.

Disney Chief Operating Officer Salary: Robert A. Iger 2013 $34,321,055

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Boo hoo, shame on you! A raise maybe, but NO step*, too.

Having successfully held up pay raises for 2 years and counting, they now have their pants on fire, after getting bad press for treating teachers so poorly. Blame it on the union for “holding up” getting out the ballots. Boo-hoo. 

February 11, 2015

Bargaining and pay raise update

 As a result of negotiations, the District and Classroom Education Teachers Association (CETA) have reached 19 tentative agreements, including instructional salary and health insurance. The District believes it is imperative that raises and bonuses be paid to the teachers as soon as possible. The School Board approved all tentative agreements at its February 10 School Board meeting, pending ratification by teachers. The only necessary action prior to distribution of teacher raises is ratification by the majority of teachers (CETA members and non-members).


Under state Statute, the ratification process for the bargaining unit is controlled by the CETA as well as the distribution of ratification ballots. The District hopes that the CETA will send out ballots for tentative agreements reached between the parties as soon as possible. The District has offered, as in the past, to assist with the printing and distribution, if needed.

*Step is a yearly raise given for each year of experience, the County has refused to follow the courts and give this pay over 3 years. While the School Board gets a part time salary of 42K and beginning teachers for years started at 37K. Teachers in most cases have 4 year degrees, most with education degree, and must pass state tests in order to be certified. In addition they must do an UNPAID internship, now for one year (junior, senior internship) in this county. Drug tests and fingerprinting are also costs incurred and taken out of their first checks. School board members win an election, need no education credits, and again, work only PART time.