Another 42G “part time” job I want! –Don’t you?

schoolRemember when I wrote that I want a p/t job for 30G, this one is even better at 42G!!!

News You Should Use

School Board Members received an automatic 4% raise on their part time job. According to this news story it is the highest in the state. Watch the story by clicking on this link. County school board members received a salary increase from $40K to $42K. Did any of them donate this raise? Do you think that you deserve a 4% increase for your full time job? Administrators received 4% on July 1st and will get 1-2% more when VAM arrives.


School Boards killed the Bake Sale

Listen to these teachers and what they say, then read the memo below.

Date: August 13, 2009
TO: All RPS Principals
FROM: Eugene Michaelson, COO, Reliable Public Schools
SUBJECT: Food for Students from Any Outside Source
These guidelines are intended to ensure the safety and improve the nutrition of food on school campuses for students during the school day. At all times, all Food Safety Standards must be followed. Guidelines for food safety including temperatures, safe food handling, and storage are found in the Food Service Manager’s office in each school. All food served on school campus to students must comply with the RPS District Wellness Policy Document HAM and the school wellness goals.

General terms:

All foods from any outside source equals outside food during the school day.

• School Food Service equals any food purchased through the district bid system and prepared and served by the district food service employee for any meal, snack, or catered event.

• Any outside foods brought into a district school to any student (besides the parent/guardian to the child) during the school day, by anyone, either for sale or as a give-away, must adhere to the criteria listed below:

School Guidelines for Food from any Outside Source

1. Foods not sealed in manufacturer container or prepared locally are not allowed. For example, homemade ice cream, brownies from a neighbor, salad purchased from a deli in Reliable, or any product that needs to be kept cold or pasteurized, or does not have ingredient labeling.

2. Contract with the manufacturer (or distributor) must contain the statement: “agrees to indemnify and hold harmless RPS, it’s officers, agents, and employees from and against all product liability, claims, damages, demands, expenses, fees, fines, penalties, suits, proceedings, actions and costs of actions including attorneys fees for trial and on appeal for the preparation of same arising out of the manufacturer (or distributor), its
officers’, agents’, and employees’ acts, or omissions associated with this agreement.

3. Food in sealed container with manufacturer label (from grocery store): The food shall be sealed until a RPS employee opens it for distribution to the students.

4. Food prepared in someone’s home: Parents may bring or send food with their own child provided the child does not share that food with any other students. For example, a parent may bring a snack or meal to their child, but may not share it with other students.

5. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Parents may only give or send fresh fruits and vegetables with their child. Any other distribution of outside food requires the food to be either sealed in manufacturer’s container or be purchased and prepared by RPS food service.

School Guidelines for Food or Beverage Sales

The following guidelines must be reviewed carefully at each school site to assure compliance with any food sales in schools. Any time food is sold in schools, CFR 7, Code of Federal Regulations for Competitive Foods in Schools and Technical Assistance Note No. 604-04 for Rule 6-7.542 must be followed. Foods of minimal nutritional value explained in Appendix B to Part 21; FR 7 will not be sold on school campus until one hour after the end of the last lunch period. These documents are located on the this webpage.

1. Written permission with principal approval must be on file at the school through the use of the form: “Agreement for Sales of Food and/or Beverages on RPS School Campuses” (Attached).
2. No sales of food or beverages are allowed on school campus until one hour after the end of the last lunch period unless operated through the school food service program. (The school’s food service program is a USDA funded program and USDA prohibits competitive food sales unless operated through the food service program.) Opportunities for student sales during meal periods are available through the district’s Cooperative Sales Program. The following sales are permitted if all above guidelines are followed.
a) If schools choose not to use the Cooperation Cart and the food is of minimal nutritional value, written permission as stated in guideline number 1 must be on file and sales take place one hour after the end of the last lunch period.
b) Any group, PTA, student, or other groups interested in selling food or drinks written permission as stated in guideline number 1 must be on file prior to any sales and take place one hour after the end of the last lunch period.

3. All sales of foods must comply with the RPS Wellness Policy Superintendent Document HAM and the school’s wellness goals.

4. At all times, all Food Safety Standards must be followed. Guidelines for food safety, i.e. food temperatures, food handling, etc. may be found in the Food Service Managers office in each school.

5. All contracts or agreements from Food Vendors to provide food sold or donated to students must have the following statement (indemnification language):
a. Contract with the manufacturer (or distributor) must contain the statement: “agrees to indemnify and hold harmless RPS, its officers, agents, and employees from and against all product liability, claims, damages, demands, expenses, fees, fines, penalties, suits, proceedings, actions and costs of actions, including attorneys] fees for trial and on appeal for the preparation of same arising out of the manufacturer (or distributor), its officers’, agents’, and employees’ acts, or omissions associated with this agreement.

6. All high schools or middle schools that do not participate with the district breakfast program and choose to sell breakfast items must follow the above procedures. No food sales are allowed one hour before the start of the first lunch hour.

Agreement for Sales or Donations of Food and/or Beverages on RPS School Campuses
Date: _____________________________ School: ____________________________
Club Name: _______________________ Adult Sponsor: ________________________
Describe items for sale: (Attach product description sheet if possible.)
Name, Address, and Phone for local sales or distributor (Who is providing the food?):
Name: __________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________________
Describe obligation of funds for school or sponsor: (For example, sponsor must pay $_____ for each box
delivered to the school or refund the $______)
Investment Cost: ____________________________
Revenue Anticipated: ____________________________
Timeline for Sales: ________________________________
Food Item Price: ________________________________
If items are not sold, what is the plan to address the lack of revenue?
Sponsor Signature: I agree to the guidelines for food sales on RPS school campus and agree to uphold the food safety standards of checking temperatures, wearing gloves when handling food, work with the Food Service Department for food storage, handle leftovers appropriately and assume responsibility for funds or product collected for this agreement. Upon approval, the contract to be executed will be returned with this form and contain the indemnification language.
_______________________________ _____________________________
Signature of Sponsor Print Name
___________________________ _________________________
Principal Date
Upon approval, attach a copy of the contract.

ANY: Kind Strangers in the Year in Hell (’12).

Finally, someone from the press, a parent no less, got it right. Teachers DO NOT make policy at all! Find out where the money goes, in the continuing saga of the Right Wing privatizing public education with non-sense testing and Charter Schools!!! Maybe he will do a column on Marzano next!

FCAT failures show test-obsessed teaching falls short
Scott Maxwell, TAKING NAMES
3:55 p.m. EST, May 26, 2012

To fully appreciate how deeply flawed Tallahassee’s approach to public education is, you must look beyond the recent news of abysmal FCAT scores — and look at how we got here.

You see, FCAT was supposed to be a simple fix for a complicated problem.

If we could just get our students to pass this standardized test, supposedly everything would be swell.

So we cut back everything from science curriculum to art classes to focus on these tests.

And we spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars paying companies to develop and grade them.

Teachers were no longer trusted to teach.

Everyone was made to bow down at the almighty altar of FCAT.

Yet this year — after more than a decade of FCAT obsession — more than 70 percent of our fourth-graders flunked the writing test.

We saw similarly sorry results in eighth and 10th grades. Third-graders posted the lowest reading scores in years. Math scores dropped as well.

This can mean one of only two things:

Either the test-centered method of teaching is a failure.

Or the test itself is a failure.

There really is no option C.










Don’t you just Rick Scott, our $75,000,000 governor and State Senator Dr. (un)Wise get the kiss-but don’t tell awards!

Yet all I’m hearing from state officials is excuses — such as maybe the teachers didn’t understand what was expected of them.


You guys contrived this system.

Instead of letting teachers and principals decide how to educate children, you did. (Together with Pearson, whose $254 million contract to develop and grade these tests should be re-examined.)

And using your methods, they failed.

So how about you guys stop pointing fingers?

It’s time to demand accountability from the test that claims to demand it from everyone else.

And, no, simply lowering the passing grade so that more kids pass isn’t a solution. It’s a cop-out.

My son is actually one of the much-talked-about fourth-graders.

He passed the writing FCAT — part of the 27 percent who passed before the state inflated the grades so things wouldn’t look as bad.

Yes, according to the state of Florida, my son knows precisely what he should.

Still, I’m here to tell you I trust his teachers and principals to decide how to educate him more than I do politicians and bureaucrats in Tallahassee.

Test-obsessed teaching doesn’t produce well-rounded, creative-thinking individuals. It yields formulaic bubble-fillers.

And apparently Florida isn’t even very good at producing that.

The cost of this test-obsessed teaching is extreme. Science classes are dropped. Social-studies programs are shrunk.

Art classes get cut. P.E. becomes irregular.

Anyone with common sense knows that’s a problem.

If politicians didn’t know that before, they know now that the system they created flunked the testing process they devised.

Gov. Rick Scott says he’s paying attention. His Education Department even generated a report in response to the FCAT debacle titled: “Higher Standards: The Right Thing to Do.”

Congratulations, Governor. You’ve got yourself a catchphrase. Now get something that actually improves the way our kids learn.

The problem isn’t low standards. It’s this test-obsessed method of teaching.

When most of us were growing up, government didn’t dictate every little thing we learned.

When Mrs. Perkins wanted to teach me algebra, she developed her own lesson plans and her own exams.

And you know what? We got to be a pretty darn successful country that way.

Call it “socialized education.” Call it whatever you want. It worked.

We led the world. America grew strong with community schools led by teachers and principals supported by parents and elected officials.

There wasn’t an abundance of politicians demonizing teachers or sucking up campaign donations from companies that profit off school “reform.”

Not everything was perfect. Reforms were and still are needed. For instance, I think merit pay is a must. Good teachers should be rewarded. Bad teachers should be shown the door.

I think we need accountability and measuring sticks as well. We should track everything from graduation and college-placement rates to performance on nationally accepted standardized tests and even job placement.

Standardized tests can play an important role. But they can’t be the be-all and end-all — especially at the expense of other crucial parts of learning.

That’s a failed way of thinking.

Don’t take it from me. Take it from the state’s own numbers. or 407-420-614


A New Year: Now let’s make welcome not so Wise politicians. . .

I’ve grown so used to you some how
Well, I’m nobody’s sugar daddy now
And I’m lo-on-lonesome
I got the Lovesick Blu-ues.

-Hank Williams, Lovesick Blues

I spent a day completely alone. I went in and talked to Dave a few times, but he was preoccupied. Elle, my intern was out. No one ever came to the room, I only went to another room, my old room, to work in the back and clean it up before the Fire Marshall came in. It was not a unsatisfying day, a lot got done. But it seems to be my tenure at this school. Another kind of lovesick blues.

Everyone is so miserable this year. Between signing contracts with “yet to be determined” salaries, an overcrowded school, moral down and out. Everyone seems burnt out, and that is from the time we first walked in!!!

I went to see another teacher. We were talking. This teacher got an unsolicited message on facebook by a parent to join their bondage group! Talk about about a teacher abuse, it is almost as bad as  Senate Bill 736, Florida’s second attempt to develop a system that would pay teachers on merit.

It would be based on a test developed by a book publishing conglomerate, not a state university, which gets paid millions to monitor its own results. So the tests are made in conjunction with people who make millions of dollars publishing text books for profit only which is also making money off of the state. Do they also vote itself raises quietly in the late hours of the night?

No, but they might play one on TV. It is just like the fact, that school buildings are not built by the school system, but are contracted out to people who make millions of dollars for profit. Kind of like how Halliburton makes money off of wars? Are you starting to get the picture?

Public education is at the mercy of politicians, especially state politicians, who are less than stellar in their “support” of public education. Politicians are the people who say we have to end both Social Security and Medicare (two institutions who take in tons of money), while we give tax cuts to private corporations who kick in no money. Politicians are the people who promote crap like merit pay.

We get too used to them, somehow. Our relationship to politicians is kind of like the lyrics, we’re love addicted to politicians who don’t stay true to us anyway. –So, if merit pay is so good, why don’t WE pay politicians on merit?! Isn’t it them that got us in this financial mess to begin with? Politicians on “merit” pay, now that’s some REAL equity!!!

The Cyberbully: Be careful what you wish for.

From: Ross, Christine
Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 7:39 PM
Subject: FW: Climate Survey from CT

I am sending this on belhalf of Howard Scotti.  This email might not have been sent to all instructional personnel earlier.

Christine Ross
Planning, Governmental and Labor Relations

From: Howard Scotti
Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 4:28 PM
Cc: Area Superintendents
Subject: Climate Survey from CTA

To:          All Instructional Personnel
From:    Howard Scotti
Senior Executive Director, Planning, Governmental and Labor Relations
Date:     March 13, 2013
RE:         Climate Survey from CTA

Yesterday, the Classroom Teachers (CT) associates sent out a climate survey asking for your responses. Please be aware that this survey was not authorized by the District and is, in fact, considered to be a breach of the collaborative process between the Association and the District. The survey was not shared with Superintendent or the “designee” at least one business day prior to distribution as stated in our contractual agreement between the School Board of Obum County and the Obum County Classroom Teachers. Past practice has been to develop surveys for distribution through the Collaborative Leadership Team (CLT).

This particular survey has not been sanctioned by the District or the CLT and therefore the results will not be recognized by the District.*

Climate surveys are currently recommended as a best practice through the school improvement process, and surveys are sent to parents, students, teachers each year, throughout the school year. School Advisory Committees (SAC) may use a valid and reliable survey written by District personnel or they may write their own*.

Thank you for continued hard work and commitment to our students.


*Since when is a survey not valid only when it originates out of the union offices, without sanction of the county? Since when do you bully individual union members by sending shit like this out?

Celebrate your recent victory, take a Legislator to lunch!

 Header Image

Teacher Appreciation Night at The Melting Pot
Thursday, September 13th



A nice offer, but can you afford it on your salary?

Dear Teachers,
We would like to take this opportunity to apologize on behalf of all of the naughty students that have caused you grief in the classroom.  We feel that they would even agree that you deserve a night dedicated to you, the teachers!  The Melting Pot has done its homework and put together a great three course menu at a very reasonable price.  We will also be offering half price wine by the glass and $6 signature cocktails.We will be having a bit of fun with the teachers on the 13th, The managers Mark and Tom will be visiting every table to play  ‘Are you smarter than a 5thgrader?’.  There will be some cool prizes for the tables that score an ‘B-‘ or better on the quiz!  Only one guest per table is required to be a teacher (or any administrative job in the field of education).“This is a huge victory in our battle for fair, reliable and valid evaluations,” said FEA President Andy Ford. “The State Board of Education and the Department of Education skirted rule-making procedures and exceeded the scope of their authority. It’s time for the state’s education bureaucracy to stop trying to impose its will on teachers and administrators and start having a meaningful dialogue with us to put together a fair evaluation system that is understandable, valid and accepted.”This decision does not mean that teachers’ 2011-12 performance evaluations are invalid under the bargained evaluation systems already approved by the DOE for Race to the Top purposes, nor does it erase the statutory requirement to rely upon the education commissioner’s approved model to measure student learning gains as part of the 2011-12 evaluation process. It does mean that none of the proposed, mandatory 2012-2013 evaluation system changes will become effective at this time.”

–Andy Ford

The Menu

Cheese Fondue
Your choice of
Fiesta Cheddar, Spinach and Artichoke Cheese and the Wisconsin Trio

Petite Entrée
Filet Mignon, Buffalo Chicken, Old Bay Shrimp and Wild Mushroom Sacchetti (substitutions are welcome)
Your entree will be served with vegetables and bottomless sauces

Chocolate Fondue
Any chocolate fondue from our dessert menu



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