So you want to be a . . .teacher?

Photo, Teaching a deaf-mute to talk, OK, Lewis Hines, April 1917, LoC   Let’s talk tests. . .

Test Fees and Payment Policies

Florida Teacher’s Certification Exam Test Fees

Registration Fees First Attempt Retake
Subject Area Examination $200 $220
Professional Education Test $150 $170
General Knowledge Test (any combination of subtests*) $130 $150

* You may register to take all or any combination of the 4 General Knowledge Test subtests for a single test fee.

Or become a principal? FELE Test Fees

Registration Fees First Attempt Retake
Any combination of subtests* $215 $225

You know this is non-refundable, and there is no compensation for it, right? Passing it does not guarantee you a job.

Photo:  Lewis W. Hines









Fun! Fun! Black Wednesday!

What Is Work To The Rule Black Wednesday?

Always play tune while reading.

We have heard you, and you are sick and tired, and we mean literally, sick and tired. Almost 40% of the visits to our Employee Assistance Program are for Anti-depressants.  While all visits are confidential, union does get reports on the numbers for the use of this benefit. Your first few visits are FREE.     PLEASE access this benefit if you are feeling anxious or having difficulty with other issues. Check out the 5 locations and services offered at, after your trainings or meetings, teachers at MANY schools have chosen to leave ON TIME at the end of their 7.5 hour day. They are wearing black and calling it “Workload Wednesday”.  They will go to the mall, visit their doctor, grocery shop for their family, watch their children’s soccer practice or just go home and take a nap!Enjoy!!!!

Here we go, again. . . . . . stay tuned!

seminar clipDave Weber’s seminar reminded me not to be stupid again.

I am already barfing, in between bouts of lethargy. Maybe I should not travel so much in the summer. Aside from reams of paperwork, now almost all digital. We all come back to clean out our email accts, which are filled with stuff, not very informative, but twice annoying. Much that unwanted degree from No Name Colleges, you wouldn’t want to give a penny to.

Meet the Teacher was tonight, and I get to lock my room, as to greet/direct some 1400 parents coming to check up before Monday. I wonder which of the 7 me’s I get to greet them with! I hope they ALL show up to help me to get my room together for Monday!

Progress Book is currently down for maintenance. System will be back online Monday 6am


If you would like teachers to work for your kids 24/7, teachers should have the tools to do so. One of them that is not is Progress Book, which in my area seems to shut down every weekend. Especially three weekends in a row before final grades are due! Well, they at least are up working Memorial Day, so I guess that is something!


*Progressbook is a registered trademark by Software Answers, Inc.**

**I contacted them once, to ask why there system didn’t work after 1 a.m. They were concerned why I was up so late.