Celebrate your recent victory, take a Legislator to lunch!

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Teacher Appreciation Night at The Melting Pot
Thursday, September 13th



A nice offer, but can you afford it on your salary?

Dear Teachers,
We would like to take this opportunity to apologize on behalf of all of the naughty students that have caused you grief in the classroom.  We feel that they would even agree that you deserve a night dedicated to you, the teachers!  The Melting Pot has done its homework and put together a great three course menu at a very reasonable price.  We will also be offering half price wine by the glass and $6 signature cocktails.We will be having a bit of fun with the teachers on the 13th, The managers Mark and Tom will be visiting every table to play  ‘Are you smarter than a 5thgrader?’.  There will be some cool prizes for the tables that score an ‘B-‘ or better on the quiz!  Only one guest per table is required to be a teacher (or any administrative job in the field of education).“This is a huge victory in our battle for fair, reliable and valid evaluations,” said FEA President Andy Ford. “The State Board of Education and the Department of Education skirted rule-making procedures and exceeded the scope of their authority. It’s time for the state’s education bureaucracy to stop trying to impose its will on teachers and administrators and start having a meaningful dialogue with us to put together a fair evaluation system that is understandable, valid and accepted.”This decision does not mean that teachers’ 2011-12 performance evaluations are invalid under the bargained evaluation systems already approved by the DOE for Race to the Top purposes, nor does it erase the statutory requirement to rely upon the education commissioner’s approved model to measure student learning gains as part of the 2011-12 evaluation process. It does mean that none of the proposed, mandatory 2012-2013 evaluation system changes will become effective at this time.”

–Andy Ford

The Menu

Cheese Fondue
Your choice of
Fiesta Cheddar, Spinach and Artichoke Cheese and the Wisconsin Trio

Petite Entrée
Filet Mignon, Buffalo Chicken, Old Bay Shrimp and Wild Mushroom Sacchetti (substitutions are welcome)
Your entree will be served with vegetables and bottomless sauces

Chocolate Fondue
Any chocolate fondue from our dessert menu



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Evaluating Marzano: Who’s on first?

From my union:



Important Tip:

I attended training for the Marzano Evaluation and it was explained that you have the opportunity to help increase your scores by providing teacher evidence and feedback through IObservation in the conference section.

AR’s of the West Learning Community and members, you received feedback from your administrators NOW it is the opportunity for you to submit your feedback towards your evaluation to help increase rating scores that will determine whether you are rated as a highly effective, needs improvement, unsatisfactory, or satisfactory teacher for this school year.  For those of you that currently have a low score of 2.5 or below, it is critical that you act immediately so you may obtain the additional eggs to increase your score.

Once you have submitted the teacher evidence and feedback to your assessing administrator, you should expect the additional eggs to drop in Domains 1-4 relating to Planning and Preparing, PLC Meetings, IPDP, Professional Growth Plan, Parent Teacher Conference, school activities, district committees, and events that support students and families.  Please understand what percentage you will receive for each domain listed below.  If you have given up your planning data you need to document preparation to get credit.

Domain 1 60%
Domain 2 20%
Domain 3 10%
Domain 4 10%

Here is an example as to how it should be done for Domains 1-4:  Please refer to the cheat sheet in all areas noted in the Domains so you can provide teacher evidence and feedback. (Please review the attachments).

I am submitting my teacher evidence relating to homework, practice skills, the different opportunities provided to students, discuss learning goals, share all of the videos you have reviewed, and conduct a few “student interviews” as to what they have learned during this school.  (Please upload the interviews, benchmark test on IObservations in the conference section)

I am submitting my teacher evidence for all preparation and planning you have completed during this school year.  Also, describe any accommodation and modification that has been made for individual students (IEP), social workers referral such as free glasses, so forth.  Please indicate the total number PLC Meetings you have attended this school year, and express your teacher evidence as to what you have  done showing by creating a timeline of events.  (Please upload the PLC sign in sheet, lessons plans and/or a list of preparation in IObservation in the conference section).

I am submitting my teacher evidence for your IPDP that shows my measurable goals action steps, manageable timelines and appropriate resources.  Based on the Marzano rules you can develop and implement a PGP for this school year.  (Please upload the IPDP and PGP as an attachment in the conference section)

I am submitting my teacher evidence for parent teacher conference and after school programs.  If you don’t have the documents please prepare a timeline of specific dates of each event as Science, after school, tutoring, mentoring programs, Show how you promote positive interaction with students and parents.  Explain how you have adhered to the districts and school policies.

Please express to your administrator that you will await a response and the dropping of eggs in all of the Domains that you provided information.  If you do not receive the additional eggs after submitting your teacher evidence and feedback after a reasonable time please contact me via email from your home email address.

Please refer non members to the district or have them sign a membership form in order to get assistance from the union.

I appreciate your hard work and dedication to your student, parents, and administrators.  Good Luck!